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The following ear, nose and throat disorders are treated at our clinic.

Otology / Neurotology

The Otology / Neurology Unit carries out the following procedures: tinnitus treatment, dizziness treatment, surgery for disorders of the ear drum and middle ear, otosclerosis surgery, diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss; surgical implantation of cochlear implants also known as bionic ears; rehabilitation with hearing devices, and administering surgically implanted hearing devices. Also congenital aural atresia surgery, BAHA application; microtia repair can be performed.

Surgery for otolaryngological cancer

Otolaryngological surgery using the most modern methods available is carried out to treat the following conditions; ear, nose, throat, mouth cavity, nasal fossae, larynx, salivary gland, and the diagnosis and treatment of all benign and malign tumors in the thyroid and neck. Beside surgical treatment, post-surgery tissue loss repair and oncological treatments are provided in our clinics.


Our Rhinology department successfully administers medical and surgical procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of nasal congestion, allergy treatments, and medical and surgical treatment of sinus conditions. Congenital problems of the nose such as choanal atresia can be successfully managed.

Endoscopic techniques are widely administered in sinus surgery today. Our clinic uses the most developed and most recent “Surgical Navigation System” which reduces the risk of complications resulting from surgery. In this way, potential side effects are reduced to extremely low levels. This technology is particularly helpful in patients who have undergone previous surgeries resulting in an altered anatomy or patients with tumors.

Facial plastic surgery

Facial plastic surgery is an area which has developed greatly in recent years. In addition to rhinoplasty, we successfully offer many procedures including: correction of protruding ears; facial wrinkle treatment (BOTOX, fillers); facelifts (surgical or via stitch lift method), neck lifts, correction of drooping eyelids and blepharoplasty (eye bag removal). The clinic also successfully performs orthognathic surgery.

Pediatric ear, nose and throat diseasesOur clinic is one of the few centers which offer such comprehensive treatment. Our specialist physicians carry out procedures implemented in the pediatric ear nose throat department which are not restricted to tonsil or adenoid surgeries but also include: the treatment of congenital anomalies (born without ears or nose, cleft palate), breathing disorders related to congenital throat anomalies and congenital cysts and masses.

Voice and dysphagia (swallowing disorder) disorders

The voice and swallowing disorders unit provides the necessary examinations, rehabilitation, treatment and surgery for disorders including dysphonia (loss of voice), voice disorders, difficulty in swallowing, and sialorrhea (excessive salivation).

The Lumenis CO2 laser uses cutting edge technology and is currently available at few medical institutions around the world. Our experienced specialists use the device to treat conditions including disorders of the vocal cords (polyps, lesions), tracheal stenosis (tumors), and throat cancers. Mouth and nose tumors and skin lesions can all be treated with the laser with minimum bleeding. It is also known that the laser is an extremely beneficial method in the treatment of papilloma, a viral infection of the airway. The laser is also successfully used to treat skin lesions in CO2 laser plastic surgery.

Snoring and sleeping disorders

Patients who suffer from snoring and sleep apnea are examined at our clinic. Sleeping disorders are determined at the sleep laboratory after which suitable methods of treatment (either surgical or CPAP – a mask which administers air pressure to keep airways open) are suggested.

Audiology and speech impediments

The Audiology and Speech Impediments department administers the following procedures: hearing tests, balance tests, tinnitus rehabilitation; treatment of balance disorders; speech and dysphagia therapy; selection and implementation of hearing aids; cochlear implants in patients who suffer either congenital hearing loss or who suffer advanced hearing loss after birth. All the tests prior to any procedure and rehabilitation following the procedure are provided by our specialist audiologists. Our Audiology department uses cutting edge technology and audiological tests are carried out in standard silent rooms. The clinic provides video ENG, caloric tests, and positional tests. Patients can also select hearing aids which are then implemented. The clinic is equipped with all technology required to treat tinnitus.

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