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It has been more than a hundred years since the first experiments in organ transplantation. In early studies, transplantation experiments were performed only on animals. The first organ transplantation procedure on humans was performed approximately fifty years ago. Thanks to the great achievements in medicine and healthcare, organ transplantation has finally reached a level that saves human life.

Promising advances take place in organ transplantation every single day. Recipients and donors, as well as scientists and physicians keep striving for healthier and longer lives.

The dysfunctionality of an organ/tissue may lead a slow or sometimes a fast deterioration of the entire body. Although, there are many treatment options for patients with organ failure, transplantation is accepted as the best alternative in terms of the therapeutic benefits, quality of life and cost effectiveness.

Organ/tissue transplantation is the transfer of an organ/tissue from one body or from a donor site to the patient’s own body. The reason of organ/tissue transplant is to replace a damaged or absent organ/tissue. Kidney failure, liver failure, lung or heart diseases, Type I diabetes and some cancer types such as leukemia are conditions that might be treated with organ/tissue transplantation. Organ/tissue transplantation may be either within the same person’s body, which is called an autograft, or from another body, which is called allograft.

There are two types of organ/tissue transplantation regarding donor types: from living donors and from deceased donors (patients in intensive care units with brain death). Since people are born with two kidneys, and one kidney is sufficient to continue our lives and the liver is a regenerative organ, kidneys and liver may be transplanted from a living donor.

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Call now: 0727 464 464

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