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We offer special services to adult and pediatric patients regarding bone marrow transplantation which is used in the treatment of some blood disorders and cancer types. These diseases may be seen at any phase of life and they are accepted as a significant group of diseases because of their lethal consequences.

Bone Marrow Transplantation Centers harbors all the infrastructure and equipment for transplantation. All services in the center are given according to international standards and in sterile settings. The department for hospitalized patients provides transplantation, and the outpatient clinic provides post transplantation care services.

What are the methods for stem cell transfer?


This is the transplantation of stem cells harvested from the patient’s siblings, relatives, or other people who are non-relatives.


This is the transplantation of stem cells taken from the patient for the treatment of some blood disorders.


This is the transplantation of stem cells taken from one of the monozy­gotic twins to the other.

Transplantation method of the future


A very special method of transplantation performed in only a few centers worldwide is the bone marrow – stem cell transplantation, which reduces the number of dangerous cells (α –β T cells). This transplantation is a candidate for eliminating the problem of finding a donor completely, and it is the transplantation method of the future.

During the application of this method, dangerous cells and NK (natural killer) cells are isolated, while the blood stem cells are given to the patients in mega (very high) doses. The advantages of this method are:

– Less lethal reactions (GVHD)

– Effective combat against cancer

– Shorter duration of hospitalization

As part of this type of transplantation, a 12/12 tissue match is not considered essential, and your mother, father, semi-compatible sibling, or your child can be a donor even if you do not have a full compatibility.

What is a stem cell?

The main cells that generate all tissues and organs in the body are stem cells. These cells, undifferentiated yet; have the ability to divide, renew themselves, and transform into organ and tissues. Blood is the liquid tissue of the body and it is produced in the bone marrow. Hema­topoietic or “blood producing stem cells” are located here. These are produced by the principal cells in the bone marrow and released into the bloodstream when they reach necessary maturity. Their number is constant, however when necessary they can both reproduce on their own or produce new and mature blood cells.

How is stem cell transfer carried out?

A place has to be opened for the new incoming cells in the body of the person who will undergo transplantation. Therefore before the operation the bone marrow of the patient is destroyed by drugs and radiation. On the day when this preparatory phase which takes an average of 7-8 days period ends, bone marrow transplantation is accomplished by transferring new stem cells to the patient.

The stem cells that are transplanted know where they will go, therefore they are programmed for these spots. They select empty places in the bone marrow available for reproduction, lodge there and reproduce like a seed.

  • Haploidentical transplants  are performed by alpha-beta T-cell depletion to reduce the lethal complication of Graft versus host disease and hence reduce mortality as a result of this complication.

  • CD19 positive cells are also depleted to avoid post-transplant lethal Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) infection. This also avoids EBV related lethal Lymhoproliferative disease.

  • Mesenchymal stem cell support which helps to reduce Graft versus host disease, aid engraftment and help speedy recovery of immune function.

  • We utilizes the latest transplant technologies and with the aid of an experienced clinical transplant team provides the patient with the best chance of survival.

  • We presents economical transplant packages and is highly competitive in comparison with Western Europe and USA.

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