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What is the function of the breasts?​

Breasts consist of milk nodes and ducts carrying the milk produced from those nodes to the nipple and fat and connective tissues which fill the interstitial area. Each breast is found in front of the pectoral muscles over the ribs. The nipple is the center of the dusky skin area called the areola. The breast also contains lymphatic ducts carrying a colorless fluid called lymph. Lymph ducts open out onto small round lymph nodes. Lymph node groups belonging to the breast are found primarily near the breast in the armpit, over the collar bone and nearby the sternum. Lymph nodes hold bacteria, cancer cells and the other harmful components to be found in the lymph system.

Multidisciplinary Approach

In the branches of Breast Cancer Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, the opportunity of multidisciplinary diagnosis and therapy is being provided to our patients with the specialist and experienced team in one’s field and with the devices of latest technology.

Apart from these, a multidisciplinary care including supportive services like disease management of breast cancer, nutrition and genetic counseling, psychosocial support programs, physic therapy is being given to breast cancer patients most comprehensively.

High Technology Background

In our Breast Health Centers, early diagnosis, therapy and follow-up programs are being implemented with the devices of latest technology (3 dimensional Mammography with Tomosynthesis, 4 dimensional Breast Ultrasonography, Vacuum-assisted Biopsy and Biopsy under the guidance of MRI).

Early Detection, Correct Diagnosis

In Breast Health Centers, the opportunity of early detection and correct diagnosis is being provided by comprehensive approach.

We are creating a difference through mammography with tomosynthesis, 4 dimensional ultrasonography, clinical breast examination and by self examination education and with breast cancer scanning services. Also, for women who have high risk of contracting breast cancer, early detection opportunity is being provided by minimizing their chance of contracting cancer in the future via regular examine and special counseling service.

Specialists in their field, Experienced Team

Our specialist team consists of breast surgeons, medical oncologists, plastic surgeons, oncologists of radiation, radiologists, pathologists and medical geneticists, all experienced specialists in their field and they provide comprehensive care of patients in the Breast Health Center. Also nutrition counseling, physical therapy and comprehensive psychosocial support program for patients with breast cancer are ensured.

Breast Protective Surgery

Oncoplastic surgery and innovative reconstructive techniques are being provided by breast surger specialist in their field.

Breast Diseases

Lumps in the breast

The most frequent lumps in the breast are:

  • Cysts (fluid content)

  • Fibroadenoma

  • Phyllodes

Other solid (solid content) benign lesions:

Radial scar and complex sclerosant lesions, papilloma, lipoma, hamartoma, fat necrosis, leiomyoma, granular cell tumors etc.


  • Fibroadenoma tumors

  • Phyllodes tumors

  • Intraductal papillomas

  • Inflamed diseases of the breast (mastitis)

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